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“He said anus.” – Butthead

This New Walmark

Today is the grand opening extravaganza of the new Walmart in Travelers Rest.  In fact, that isthe real reason that children are out of school.  Walmarts around the world rejoice as the family owned corporation craps out another store. “I don’t know what we’d do without this new Walmark.  it brings jobs into the community, give us the […]

Ryan’s Cashier Caught Rounding Up

  Scores of Greer residents will be interested in knowing that one of their local fine dining establishments has been quietly penny-pinching them into the poor house.  Everyday, thousands of people wade through what is better known as the Mega Bar down at Ryan’s Family Steakhouse.  Little did they know they were being taken for […]

The Passion of the Anti-Semite

MALIBU – Everyone loves Mel Gibson. Everyone, except the Jews. And the heroin addicts and prostitutes who were trying to cross the Pacific Coast Highway Friday night. Gibson was reportedly driving his 2006 Lexus (which is exactly what Jesus would drive) over 85 mph in a “no driving drunk – because you might have a […]