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Relocating professional wrestlers from “parts unknown”

Cock-fighters Cry “Foul!”

LANDRUM –Who is the highest paid athlete in sports history? Well, it’s not El Polo Diablo “the chicken devil.” In fact, LPD doesn’t get paid anything at all even though his sport is one of the most dangerous. With an astonishing record of 423-0, LPD is the second winning-est cock in the history of cock-fighting. […]

Andre Bauer Wins Nextel All-Star Challenge

CHARLOTTE, NC – It was a tight finish in Charlotte Saturday night, but Andre Bauer cruised his way to a victory and one million dollars. Although, this was the Lt. Governor’s first Nextel victory, he is no stranger to driving in excess of one-hundred miles per hour. “It’s a lot easier to drive that fast […]