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Rick Santorum (part douche)

Fear is a primary motivator. Many times it trumps common sense. Just listen to the banter of weak-mindedness in the background of the video (The video has since been removed from YouTube due to “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.”) Personally, I would be much more of afraid of the Santorum-supporting rabble than of any administration America has ever had, because I believe – given a little bit of provocation – that some of the people in that crowd would chop my head off. (This fear mongering sounds eerily familiar to the accusations of “death panels” within the healthcare bill that we have so fondly come to know as “Obamacare.” Did everyone forget about the death panels? So sorry to remind you.)

While there are numerous similarities between our current state of affairs and the environment that facilitated the French Revolution, to draw the conclusion that the purpose of the French Revolution was to “marginalize faith” is as staggeringly reductionist as claiming that the Bible is a story about a boy killing a giant with a slingshot; not to mention that Mr Santorum’s historical recollection is absolutely incorrect. One of the many purposes of the French Revolution was to remove the stranglehold that the corrupt Catholic Church had over public policy and in turn allow for religious freedom, which is entirely different from abolishing religion altogether.

It is ironic that a religious person would accuse Mr Obama, whom he insinuates is not religious, who – to the contrary – professes to be of the same religion as Mr Santorum (albeit a different denomination) of leading America down a path the end result of which is the beheading of religious people. The last time I checked my history books it was the religious people doing the lion’s share of the killing (in the name of their religions and with the support of their religious institutions no less). I don’t remember as many great crusades of atheists, let alone agnostics, raping, pillaging and looting cities throughout the chronicles of history. The Danes, the Greeks and the Romans had their religions; even the barbarians had paganism. Any way you slice it (forgive the pun) the overwhelming majority of large scale murder has been conducted by religious people. (Yes. There have been many atheist mass murderers including Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, but even Adolph Hitler claimed to believe in his own distorted version of Christianity. My point is not to claim that religious people are homicidal maniacs but that religion and morality are independent of each other.)

I know my argument (that religious people are responsible for a heaping mess of murder throughout history) in some asinine way reinforces Mr Santorum’s fear that Mr Obama (who, again, claims to be religious) could harbor the potential to kill on a mass scale, but until I see the shield wall forming on the horizon I am prepared to give Mr Obama the benefit of doubt. I would hope that Mr Santorum does not believe a word of what he is saying and instead is pandering to the innate fear held within a certain voting block of soft-headed nutters, but given his track record of absurdities it’s difficult for me to extend to him the same courtesy.

Is this the best the Republican party has to offer? Or is it Newt Gingrich? Or Mitt Romney? It seems as if the Republicans forgot to put in an order for new candidates last year and have resorted to digging through the toilet for anyone with a suit, a shave, a haircut and whitened teeth. At least they managed to flush Palin, Perry and Bachmann. Do we get better odds if we place our bets now for a landslide Obama victory or should we wait until closer to crunch time? What the [expletive], Republicans? What the [expletive]?

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