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Religious Leader Caught Turning the Other Cheek

Ronald William Milner, president of Caledonia Bible College and senior pastor at Grand Strand Caledonia Church in North Myrtle Beach, is completing a pretrial intervention program after being caught participating in a Preachers Gone Wild video in Myrtle Beach last Spring Break.

Miller was charged with prostitution and lewdness after he exposed himself to an undercover police officer in a bath house at North Myrtle Beach State Park. Oddly enough, bath houses aren’t the only things that North Myrtle Beach and Ancient Rome have in common. Take for instance the aqua ducts that people slide down on inner tubes, the Ancient Roman House of Blues, Little Caesar’s, Old Milwaukee’s Best, and not to mention grown men wearing no pants.

Milner, who also runs Caledonia Academy for first through 12th grades (like you didn’t see that one coming), denied the allegations and said he was falsely arrested.

“I ain’t did [expletive]! The belief is that to destroy me would break down the college and ministry, but there are scores of strong pant-wearing supporters who know about this incident… they believe my innocence and that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, not wearing the wrong pants,” Milner said.

Horry County police Det. Donny Farr said Milner was arrested during an undercover operation at the state park following complaints by the notorious homosexuals, prostitutes and drug dealers who frequent the public park and trails. According to the incident report, Farr was on his way to use the restroom in a bath house when Milner followed him.

“Once in the bath house, Det. Farr was in a stall urinal when the defendant [Milner] walked up behind him with no pants on into the next urinal and tried to look over the stall to look at Det. Farr’s genitals,” [insert uproarious laughter] the incident report states. “Defendant Milner then walked into a changing station and nodded for Det. Farr to join him.” When Farr walked up to the changing station, Milner was exposing himself “wearing nothing but a T-shirt.” (This whole thing sounds like a great Old Spice commercial to me). “Det. Farr identified himself as Horry County Police and placed Milner under arrest,” the report states.

Milner told church and college officials during a meeting Monday that Farr followed him in the bath house and initiated the incident.

“He [Farr] said, ‘What do you like to do?’ and I asked if he was a policeman,” which is always the first thing you ask a person from whom you’re trying to purchase drugs or sex – Gotcha! “He said, ‘No.’ So, I got very nervous [?] and started to get dressed. He then said, ‘No, wait, I want to show you what’s in my pocket’ and he pulled out his badge and arrested me.”

Milner went to trial in magistrate’s court in September and agreed to take part in the state’s pretrial intervention program, which is designed for first-time offenders of pantless crimes. The program’s goal is to give offenders a second chance by diverting them from court and into a program consisting of counseling and guidance, community service work and prostitution… I mean restitution. Successful completion of the program can allow the defendant’s arrest record to be destroyed. However, it does not remove the incident from the Book of Judgment. There is currently no pre-Judgment Day intervention program, but Caledonia Bible College is planning on offering a course in it next fall.

Milner said he is scheduled to complete his pre-trial intervention program in three weeks providing he doesn’t fail another AIDs test.

While Caledonia Bible College offers degrees in theology, divinity, Christian counseling, Christian ministry and a diploma in Bible studies, the Department of Education does not recognize the accreditation of the school, and they don’t even have a football team.

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