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Cracker Barrell Discriminates Against Everyone

CHARLESTON, SC – Comedian, Chris Rock’s mother, Rose Rock filed a complaint this month with the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission when she was refused service at a Charleston Cracker Barrel restaurant. Sources say she was already angry before she was seated when she was unable to separate the ring from the horseshoes. It didn’t help matters much when she was branded “a complete imbecile” by the Pyramid Golf Tee Jumping Game after leaving five tees. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was being left unattended for thirty minutes after being seated. But how is that different from anyone else’s experience of eating at a Cracker Barrel?

To assume discrimination, one must first prove differential treatment based solely on race. Therefore, one must conclude that each one of the servers went out of his/her way to avoid the only black customer, but gladly chose to serve the severely under-tipping, verbally-abusive white trash, rednecks, and old people.

I, for one, find this hard to believe. Having never worked in the server industry does not exempt me from common logic. I’d have better luck filing a lawsuit against the restaurant for being named Cracker Barrel. I mean, how offensive is that? What would be the world’s reaction to a restaurant named “Container Full of Queers” or “Jew in the Box?”

But you know the boat is sinking when the Reverend, Al Sharpton jumps aboard. Sharpton’s Action Network will be financing the lawsuit with money raised through unpaid taxes and offering plates that “come up short.”

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