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70% of Christians Are Just Like Everyone Else

Craig Gross considers himself a missionary. Many key religious figures brand him a heretic, but the DCN thinks he’s just gross… Craig Gross. For several years, Gross has been ministering to Christians who are consumed by pornography – a cause that he feels has been largely ignored by the religious community. But they probably just ignore it because it’s not that big a problem, right?

70 percent of Christians admitted to struggling with porn in their daily lives according to a poll conducted by Craig Gross and his website Further more, 76 percent of pastors he surveyed admitted to having the same problem. Talk about the blind leading the  going blind. But what does all this mean? Is there a new sense of purpose in the Purpose Driven Life, or is pornography just another trap that ensnares all men regardless of religious affiliation?

Some people have derived their own conclusions from this study. “I just find it hard to believe that women only make up less than 30 percent of Christians,” Betty Lou Hoggas, 34, told the DCN. “I mean, what else can you believe about this study? Women don’t look at pornography. I’ve been married three times, all to good Christian men, and that means that at least two of them viewed pornography during our marriage. Earl! Come in here for a minute… I know Earl don’t look at that filth. He’s too busy working on the computer in his office. He won’t even come out to eat some nights. Earl!”

Other studies have confirmed the results of Gross’ study. A study from the likes of Google, MSNBC, and PBS found that 53 percent of Promise Keepers admitted to viewing porn in the last week. According to a study by Christianity Today in 2001, 51 percent of pastors said that cyber-porn was a possible temptation, while 37 percent reported it to be a current struggle.
Well, Mr Gross, the reason the religious community isn’t so receptive to your ministry is because you’re stepping on their toes, so to speak. The DCN tried to schedule an interview with the Reverend Jerry Fallwell, but he left us with only this statement: “At least it wasn’t gay pornography.”

While Gross has chosen the adult entertainment industry as his ministry, the adult entertainment industry has found Gross in the 30 percent of Christians to which they have been unable to market their product. Although, Gross has much ground to make up in this competition, the adult entertainment industry expects to have to deal with Fire and Brimstone at some point.

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