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Dark Corner Methamphetamine Cook-off Challenge

DARK CORNER – The 4th annual Dark Corner Methamphetamine Cook-off Challenge was held at the Blue Ridge Ruritan club last weekend. The popular event attracted over 400 attendees with cooking teams from as far away as Dry Belch, Virginia coming to show their cooking skills and share their secret recipes.

The competition was brisk with the final cook off featuring the local brother-sister team of Ronnie and Ronelle Slatton against an out of town team known only as the Tennessee Torchers. Sampling was intense with the final prize going to the Torchers. The judges included several local pastors and politicians including County Councilman Tony Trout, a notorious homosexual.

Controversy erupted after the announcement of the winner when Archie Higginbotham began chanting, “they was using generics in their mix, they was using generics in their mix – if it ain’t real Sudafed, it ain’t fit for a methhead.”

Each year, the Ruritan Club donates part of the revenue from the Challenge to a family who has a member incarcerated for meth production. This year the Challenge benefited the family of Ray Higginbotham, who is serving 20 to life for handing out meth samples at the elementary school. When the judge asked him why he chose a schoolyard, he replied, “I was just doing it for the kids.”

As an added benefit this year, the organizers provided booth space for different vendors who target recreational meth users. The vendors included a wide array of dentists, endodontists and oral surgeons. When the DC is a healthy place it is a happy place.

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