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This Weeks Book Review: “Opal Mehta”

Thank you, James Frey. If it were not for your work of a million little discrepancies, I would be able to review this weeks Book of the Month. Since your descension from Oprah’s Book Club to… I can’t think of anything worse than that, every new writer has been thoroughly investigated for plagiarism and untruthfulness. So, for this weeks Book of the Month review, see last weeks Book of the Month review of “The Princess Diaries.”

I would now like to add an apology to James Frey for calling into question the accuracy of his book “Million Little Pieces.” New evidence has come to light that indicates that his book is true, only it’s not about his life, nor was it written by him. It made perfect sense when I discovered the true author of the book. Afterall, quitting drug addiction is not something the likes of Mr Frey could accomplish anymore than writing a book. “Million Little Pieces” is the story of one man, Chuck Norris, and how he roundhouse kicked drugs in the face until they became addicted to him.

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