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Swedish Energy Company Plans to Release WinoDiesel

SWEDEN – Only the Scandinavians would do something so heinous. In the years largest merger, Kenny Rogers Chicken and Swedish energy company Umea Energi plan to generate electricity by burning dead chickens. The dead chickens will be incinerated along with other refuse in order to provide electricity to thousands of Swedes.

On another note, Swedish scientists have found a way to convert beer into biofuel. According to a Swedish paper, the alcohol is mixed with water and cigarette smoke until the concoction is just right. Then the mixture is used to fuel buses in several cities.

The Swedish government have enlisted the help of American hip-hop artist – Ludacris to help market their Chicken and Beer fuels.

“I been converting chicken and beer into gas for years. [The scientific process] ain’t no thang to me.”

Environmentalists and PETDA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Dead Animals) are outraged at the idea of burning dead chickens to create energy. Green Peace have warned of the eventual shortage of fossil fuels like dead chickens and have asked what the Swedish government plan to do when the dead chickens run out. Swedish EPA chairman, Lars Ulrich, says:

“When we run out of chickens we’ll start burning environmentalists and animal rights activists.”

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