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Sean Hannity continues to be an [expletive]

SEAN HANNITY’S ANUS – Can you remember a time when a fat lard with a douche-bag haircut, whose journalistic credentials are made up solely of hosting a college radio show and picking his nose on AM radio, got so much air time? Many of you know Sean Hannity from his bumbling shout-fest Hannity and That Other Guy Who Looks Like He Has AIDs on the Fox News Network. But have you ever paid attention to the excrement billowing out of his mouth?

Hannity is one of many talk show hosts (because he’s not a journalist) who is good at the game of Attack the Messenger. How is this game played, you might ask? It’s very easy.

First of all, you invite people you think are not intelligent to come on your show like celebrities, other talk show hosts, activists and people with quieter voices than you.

Secondly, you ask them closed-ended questions that contain your personal answer to the question within the question.

Next, you interrupt the guest as soon as the answer isn’t going your way, and if someone presents any factual evidence that contradicts you, you should immediately do one of the following: accuse the facts of being false, change the subject, ask a different question, accuse the guest of failing to answer your question or just go to commercial (people who watch Fox News can’t remember anything they saw before a commercial, but they will remember that you were right about whatever it was you were talking about).

Finally, the best way to attack the messenger is to discredit him/her in anyway you can even if it is not true or has nothing to do with what you’re talking about.

For example: “Do you think the myth of global warming has been perpetuated more by Hollywood liberals or notorious homosexuals?”

Guest: “Well, first of all, I don’t think it’s fair to call global warming a myth. Scientific evidence shows that the average temperature of the Earth has steadily been increasing over the last century with the hottest temperatures on record being in the last few decades, which corresponds to the increase in carbon emissions during the same period. Also…”[host interrupts]
Host: “Yeah, but no one in his right mind believes in scientific evidence and why do you refuse to answer my question. I bet it’s because you know they’re both to blame. We need to go to commercial. When we come back, we’ll ask my liberal homosexual guest why he doesn’t think that NASCAR is really a sport.”
Guest: “But I never said… [host turns down guests microphone].”

So the next time you’re watching Sean Hannity, Al Franken, Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews or anyone other than Bob Barker for your news, pay attention to the deceitful games they play and you’ll realize that they never really talk about anything past the superficial level, you don’t actually learn anything from watching them and they don’t give a crap about facts or finding the truth. You might as well watch The Price Is Right or Andy Griffith reruns instead.

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