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Al Iburton

Despite all the troop withdrawals, I’m pretty sure the terrorists are winning. I’m just not exactly sure who the terrorists are?  In the beginning (circa 2001) we were told Al-Qaeda was the greatest threat to our freedom. That was easy to buy considering several of their members hijacked and crashed planes into buildings killing thousands of innocent people.

By the end of 2002 many people were actively deceived, in my opinion, into believing that Iraq was our new threat and was, contrary to all evidence at the time and later shown to be completely untrue, stock piling weapons of mass destruction and somehow tied to Al-Qaeda.

In late 2007 there were rumors circulating about the US planning to invade Iran who skyrocketed to the top of the terror list and became our biggest threat:

Let us not argue about who is top of the terror list and our greatest threat as it has no bearing on the purpose of this article. Let us instead assume for the moment that everyone outside of the lower forty-eight (as people who believe Iraq and Al-Qaeda were bedfellows probably distrust Alaska and Hawaii and have no understanding of our relationship with Puerto Rico) is top of the terror list and our greatest threat.


How do we reconcile Dick Cheney actively lobbying the president to invade Iran as a state supporter of terrorism while continuing to receive renumeration from Haliburton – a company who, through it’s own subsidiaries, actively engages in profitable business dealings with Iran?

How do we also reconcile Haliburton’s (and any other US companies who deal with Iran through subsidiaries) relationship with Iran when the US currently has sanctions in place to prevent US companies from doing business with Iran?

Answer: rofl

Both scenarios are irreconcilable unless we entertain the notion that Dick Cheney and Haliburton, are primarily motivated by greed just like most everyone else.


1. Find countries with an abundance of natural resources who are either unstable or controlled by extremely unpopular people.

2. Declare those nations state supporters of terrorism.

3. Invade (if necessary) and take control of those countries. (If step three fails, as in the case of Iran, skip to step 7).

4. Formulate a flexible, if not, indefinite timeline for building a democracy in those countries to buy yourself some time and keep everyone busy fighting over how to organize that democracy.

5. In the meantime, have your company sign a bunch of no-bid contracts with those countries and make billions of tax free dollar building infrastructure to extract those resources; maybe even lock down the rights to some of the resources or at least a portion of the profits.

6. Run all of your transactions through tax havens like Dubai and the Cayman Islands.

*So you made it to step 6 with the first two countries but your own citizens balked at the third war? (“Fool me once… shame on… shame on you. Fool me can’t get fooled again.” – George W. Bush Fear ye, not. Proceed to step  7.

7. Impose sanctions against said country preventing anyone from doing business with them without incurring the wrath of your country. Establish ties or rekindle prior ties to a company from your country and show them a loophole that allows them to form a subsidiary who, in turn, will do business with the newly sanctioned country now that most of the competition has been prevented from participating.

8. Follow step 6.

So are the terrorists and greatest threat to our freedom the people with whom we secretly do business? Does that make us a sponsor of terrorism against ourselves?  Do we continue to elect criminals and corporate pawns with no worthwhile allegiances to our country? Will we do it again in November?

I’d say, yes to all. Prove me wrong.

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